Creative strategy

Over the last two years I have researched the intersection between the arts and business looking for ways the two areas can help each other. I have often asked myself, "How can the arts be so popular, and yet so commercially dependent on philanthropy and public funding, while business is often comparatively so dull, and yet so commercially successful?"

There are many skills present amongst the arts, which business can learn huge amounts from, and successfully adopt in order to solve problems, and improve other areas. Equally the business world has so much to offer the arts in terms of helping organisations achieve commercial independence from public funding, and philanthropy.

As editor of Artworks Journal I devised a campaign to help increase creativity in businesses called Chief Arts Officer. I provide bespoke presentations, creative workshops, and strategic consultancy to help:

  • create campaigns
  • improve corporate culture
  • foster innovation
  • build reputation
  • attract talent
  • inspire collaboration
  • nurture leadership

I also can advise arts organisations on how to develop strategies to create new revenue streams, new partnerships with private companies, and further effectively market themselves.

If you require any help or advice please don’t hesitate to let me know. Click here to see further information about my services.